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2013-05-01 14:40:07 by damn39

Ok pues la orden de pogamessi esta lista.
E aqui el link:

Lo siento por darte una fecha VALVe.

2 fans?

2013-04-03 05:59:09 by damn39



2012-10-13 15:55:47 by damn39

Checking newgrounds regularly and stuff


2012-05-02 09:37:50 by damn39

Nothing to say

Got a new iPhone

2011-11-29 22:02:01 by damn39

Woot i'm writting this on my new iPhone!!!


2011-09-17 14:30:14 by damn39

saben, ya nisiquiera etoy haciendo nada acerca de madness L33T Ops.

solamente mantenia el proyecto vivo por las armas (si, soy adicto a las armas de fuego XD).

por lo tanto pense en que si alguien etaba interesado podria dibujar armas a cambio de reconocimiento como "aditional art" o "artist".

de ves en cuando subire una foto con alguna pistola o algun arma de fuego.

-Desert Eagle
-M1A2 con Lanzagranadas y ACOG
-Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 (AK47)

-Kimber .45 mini

.-.*Ahora en exhibicion*.-.

(todas las exhibiciones estaran en el art portal devido a problemas subiendolo en en post)

newgrounds es un lugar horrible para subir fotos que salieron de paint por no tener photoshop ya que en flash no se pueden guardar imagenes en la computadora, solo en la biblioteca.

OMFG another project

2011-06-25 01:16:31 by damn39

this time will be: "1337 Ops."
it's about 4 1337 agents down the orders of the auditor when MC7 is happening (if you didn't notice auditor did not appear in that eĆ­sode)
'bout the gunz:
27 will have appearence in this episode, all of them created using pimp my gun: (I putted a link because the guy who made it asqued it nicely in the "about" section)
this is the first assignament of the agents and it's very simple: take down the compound of a mafia group

.-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -damn 39

the hour in Philippines

2011-05-01 16:32:31 by damn39

for those waiting Madness Retaliation 2 here's a clock but it's part sin spanish so use the google translator:

starting again

2011-04-19 14:26:04 by damn39

so, I will start a new flash movie I still don't know how will it be named bit it may be something about madness and OWN SPRITES (yes TOTALLY OWN SPRITES) and here an image of an OWN GLOCK 17 SPRITES it will MAYBE unclude a working pump and SOUNDS will be a fact of this movie (I think I'm proud of myselft):

starting again


2011-04-17 22:31:16 by damn39

hover the mouse over the angry face of any forum post by 4 secs.